Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poll question of week 10

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Based of the result of the poll question, there is a total of 45 votes and 4 (8%) votes  the purpose of the phisher is hacking for fun. Some of people think the phisher are bored people looking for amusement. The people think the phisher break in because they think somebody might have interesting data and they have nothing better to do. The phisher have a strong desire to know about how to phishing attack and they often damage the something through ignorance or in trying to cover their tracks.
        3 (6%) votes the purpose of the phisher is to do damage. A few of people think the phisher out to do damage, either because they get their kicks from destroying things. The phisher just want to damage something which makes it less attractive, useful or valuable. Only 2 (4%) votes the phisher do not like somebody. Not many people think phisher are do not like somebody because they are anger somebody become a target to phishing attack.
       Most of people 22 (48%) votes  phisher break in because they are want information for other purpose. While these phisher are not above theft, they usually steal things that are directly convertible into money or further access such as credit card, telephone, or network access information. If they find secrets they think they can sell, they may try to do so, but that's not their main business.
       14 (31%) votes the purpose of the phisher is prefer sites of particular interest. A lot of people think phisher may prefer sites of particular interest. Breaking into something well-known, well-defended, or otherwise especially neat is usually worth more points to them. However, they will also attack anything they can get at; they are going for quantity as well as quality. They do not have to want anything you have got, or care in the least about the characteristics of your site. They may or may not do damage on the way through. They will certainly gather information and keep it for phishing attack.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crossword Puzzle Winner

The winner of our crossword puzzle is Chew Wing Sheng from Inti College Subang Jaya, who is taking Diploma in Internet Communication Technology. Thank you for those who have joined this contest! The prize given was a stack of Double A A4 paper which was useful for doing assignments. Here we provide our readers the answers of our puzzle.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poll question of week 9

Based of the result of the poll question, there is a total of 23 votes and 4 votes (17%)  can be able to recognize phishing attack because they have been familiar with a phisher behavior, seen, heard or personal experience about phishing attack. The few of people have information in their mind as a result of experience about phishing attack because they have learned or been told it.
            The most of people 10 (43%) votes maybe can avoid form phishing attack. They are not certain that phishing attack will be happen or not confidence they can avoid from phishing attack.7 (30%) votes don't known can  avoid from phisher or not. A lot of people do not know about what is phishing and do not understand how the phisher hacked. They may also do not heard about phishing attack before. 
             Only 2 (8%) votes cannot prevent from phishing attack. Not many people think they can not to realize or be aware the phishing attack. The reason they choose can be easily fooled by a phisher because they are may first time uses the internet or cannot understand how to prevent phishing attack. Another reason is they are very lazy to learn or read matter about phishing attack and also lazy to find information on the latest tactics fraud on the internet.
               According the poll question, phishing scams are now a part of everyday life. It’s important that you know how to spot one and avoid becoming a victim. Anyone can be tricked by a phishing scam. Simple phishing scams are easy to spot, but the best scammers are actually pretty smart. They use a variety of tricks to make the phishing scam look like a legitimate process.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Poll question of week 8

Based of the result of the poll question, there is a total of 31 votes and 21(67%) votes Japan earthquake and tsunami is serious problem for phishing scam. 9(29%) votes may will be Japan earthquake and tsunami for phishing scam. Only 1(3%) vote Japan earthquake and tsunami will not effect by phishing scam. The result show that a lot of people know that disaster will affect victims for phishing scam, but some of people do not think that disaster will afffect victims from phishing scam and they don't think that should be worry.

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